Aspen Mtell®

Get early and accurate warning of when an asset failure will occur, how the failure will occur and what to do about it.

Creating a World that Doesn't Break Down

Early Detection

Recognize patterns in operating data that predict degradation and impending failure – well before it happens.

High Accuracy with Fewer False Alarms

Using precise failure pattern recognition, avoid the high rate of false positives common with model-based solutions.

Enterprise Scalability

Maestro technology enables fast site or enterprise-scale rollouts.

Fast Time to Deployment

Using low-touch machine learning, rapidly identify normal and abnormal behaviors to start protecting equipment within weeks, not months.
Whats new in V12.2
Accelerate digitalization to achieve sustainability goals and drive operational excellence.

Award-Winning AI Technology
Aspen Mtell awards

Singapore Business Review names Aspen Mtell winner of its 2020 Technology Excellence Award for AI Manufacturing
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Hydrocarbon Processing names Aspen Mtell Best Asset Monitoring Technology for 2019
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  • Aspen Mtell and Aspen Cloud Connect™ integration enables access to OPC UA supported devices.
  • Aspen Maestro is a breakthrough collection of features within Aspen Mtell that tackles the biggest barriers in successful model building: data selection, data cleaning and creating context by incorporating domain expertise.

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