Aspen Hybrid Models

Combine the capabilities of first principles models, domain expertise and AI to expand the boundaries of what is possible for the process industry.

Democratizing the Application of AI to Solve the Process Industry's Most Difficult Problems

Expanding Aspen Hybrid Models

Democratize the application of AI to solve the process industry’s most difficult problems:

  • Address problems that cannot be solved with first principles models alone
  • Build better models faster
  • Sustain accurate models longer
  • Improve predictive insights

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Solve More Complex Problems

Address problems that cannot be easily solved with first principles models alone - extend the value of conventional methods to effectively model the most complex processes and assets.

Build Better Models Faster

Empower engineers of all skill levels with Industrial AI to quickly build and deploy accurate models for digital twins, refinery planning and control and optimization using Aspen AI Model Builder™ or directly within AspenTech’s process simulators.

Sustain Accurate Models Longer

Hybrid models provide a better representation of the plant, keeping the model more relevant over a longer period, reducing the effort required to sustain the model.

Improve Predictive Insights

Combine the accuracy of empirical models, the strength of first principles simulations and the power of AI with 40 years of domain expertise for more accurate predictions to guide critical decisions.
Hybrid Modeling: AI and Domain Expertise Combine to Optimize Assets

Aspen Hybrid Models are a breakthrough technology that can deliver tremendous value for the process industry – particularly in volatile markets. Read this paper to learn:

  • What business challenges this new technology solves
  • The three types of hybrid models we’re introducing to the market
  • Immediate areas where they create value


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Award Winning | Aspen Hybrid Models™
Best Modeling Technology

Hydrocarbon Processing names Aspen Hybrid Models as “Best Modeling Technology” for 2021

Aspen Hybrid Models embed Industrial AI in the leading process simulators Aspen Plus® and Aspen HYSYS®, by combining process data, AI and first principles to match models to plant performance. Hybrid models were honored for bringing the Application of AI to the process industry to increase safety, sustainability and profitability across design, operations, and maintenance.

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